WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD: Give yourself a storage upgrade The WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD provides a simple and economical upgrade for your PC or laptop that can dramatically improve your workflow.
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Disney Plus: Save 15% on a yearly subscription Hit shows and movies at one of the best values around.
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The best office chair for back pain in 2021 Save your spine, with the best chair for back pain.
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Typography design: Rules and terms every designer must know A typography glossary, in words you can understand.
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IM Creator Review Our IM Creator review will help you decide whether this is the right platform to build your website on.
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The best Huion drawing tablets in 2021 Huion drawing tablets are excellent for artists on a budget - find the right one for you.
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Gigabyte’s AERO 17 HDR and AERO 15 OLED are tailor-made to handle the toughest creative demands These remarkable designer laptops are factory-calibrated and ready-to-go straight out of the box
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The Fastest Email Confirmation Field for Signup Forms Email is always a required data field on signup forms. It’s the linchpin that holds an account together. After creating an account, the user is emailed a link to verify their identity. If they forget their password, they’re emailed a link to reset it. Mistyping the email field means they can’t access their account. Traditional […]
The post The Fastest Email Confirmation Field for Signup Forms first appeared on UX Movement.
63 of the best infographics The best infographics to inspire your own creations.
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The best external hard drive for PS4: The best SSDs for the console The best SSDs for gaming or storing work files.
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XP-PEN Deco 03 review A good sized entry-level graphics tablet.
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The best cloud storage in 2021: make sure your data is secure These are the best cloud storage providers.
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Baseball team rebrands to look like…a fish producer Its terribly boring new logo is a flop with fans.
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Adobe Substance 3D now has an end-to-end solution The Adobe Substance 3D Collection offers a new, innovative 3D workflow for artists of any skill level.
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The Arc de Triomphe gets a daring makeover But the internet is far from impressed.
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The best under desk treadmills and treadmill desks Walk while you work with the best under desk treadmills and treadmill desks.
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The best drawing tablets for animation in 2021 Top choices from Wacom, Huion and more.
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The best camera for beginners in 2021 Get started in style with the best camera for beginners.
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The best business laptops in 2021 We pick the best business laptops for your business.
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Rogue Amoeba’s Fission Leaves the Mac App Store Fission Audio Editor Leaves the Mac App Store
Paul Kafasis, writing on the Rogue Amoeba blog:
For almost twenty years, we’ve sold our software directly to our customers via our online store. Our fast and secure purchase process has served our customers very well. Since the Mac App Store opened in 2011, we’ve also experimented there. However, despite a decade of feedback from countless developers and users, Apple has made scant few changes and the store remains beset with issues. When you couple the many shortcomings and issues with Apple’s restrictive polices that preclude most of our software from appearing ...
Little UX Details: Bad vs. Good Filters Below is a screen of filters with many interface elements. At first glance, it seems like it has a good user experience, but it doesn’t. It has many issues that you can only realize by deconstructing and analyzing each component. The first overall issue with the interface is that there’s too much blue everywhere, calling […]
The post Little UX Details: Bad vs. Good Filters first appeared on UX Movement.
20 Gorgeous Flat Art Design Wallpapers to Liven Up Your iPhone & iPad Customizing a smartphone is something that we all do tailored to our uses. And at the heart of it is often a nice looking wallpaper. Colorful, vibrant, clean, and fun are some of the most desired attributes of a wallpaper for your smartphone. These qualities can also be found in flat aesthetics too, that underpin the design philosophy of the latest versions of iOS. Today, we’re bringing you some exceptionally good-looking flat art wallpapers for your devices.
According to the Interactive Design Foundation, flat design is a user interface design style that uses simple, two-dimensional elements and bright colors. It ...
Use Autocomplete Fields to Reduce Cognitive Load One of the most frustrating things is having a word you want to say on the tip of your tongue but not remembering what it is. You feel like you have a general idea of the word, but you can’t spit it out. This frustrating experience is how users feel when they have to fill […]
The post Use Autocomplete Fields to Reduce Cognitive Load first appeared on UX Movement.
Bobby Now Accepts Submissions for Missing Services Submit Missing Subscription Service to Bobby
Bobby is currently our favorite subscriptions tracking app for iPhone & iPad. It’s a great way to quickly add your recurring expenses for services and get an overview of how much you’re spending on subscriptions. It comes with a long list of predefined services, or you can add your own custom service manually as well.
Now you can submit any missing services to the app for consideration by visiting submit.bobbyapp.co. If you think your favorite service needs to be on Bobby for quick addition, let them know.
The post Bobby Now Accepts Submissions for ...
Mojo — An Elegant App for Creating Aesthetic Social Media Stories Short, vertical content such as promos, showcases and even social cards (virtual business cards with social media information) not only helps promoters convey large and rich chunks of information in a short period but also grab a large percentage of young audiences as a bonus. 
Making these sounds easy, but it really isn’t. That’s because a marketing-focused individual wouldn’t necessarily possess the aesthetic skills or the understanding of using high-level animation and editing software for jaw-dropping transitions. Hiring a designer or animator is an option, sure, but it may not be as cost-effective. And this is exactly where Mojo comes ...
Kizie.co is a Minimally Elegant Web-based Twitter Client With hundreds of millions of daily users, Twitter is undoubtedly one of the biggest social networking platforms out there. It’s great for instantly sharing and consuming small yet effective messages called Tweets. Twitter offers its official apps for every major platform out there, along with an API that can be used to build 3rd-party Twitter apps. While the official app is pretty good in itself, it does have its own shortfalls. It’s riddled with ads in the form of “Promoted” tweets that often come in the way. You also have irrelevant “trends” shoved in your face, a general lack of ...
Start Using Multiselect Menus for Your Filters Filters are a valuable tool for exploring new content. They allow you to remove undesirable content from your screen so you can focus only on what you’re interested in. Unfortunately, most filters aren’t easy to use because they’re bulky and overwhelming. A typical filter contains many items users can choose from. Not only that but […]
The post Start Using Multiselect Menus for Your Filters first appeared on UX Movement.
Things 3.14 Brings Bullet Lists and Markdown Formatting to Notes Cultured Code has today released Things 3.14 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that brings some terrific improvements to task notes. If you are someone whose to-do lists are incomplete without detailed notes accompanying every task, then this release is right up your alley. Things 3.14 brings formatting options to note-taking in your tasks with Markdown formatting and Bullet Lists, along with a new Find in Text option to search through your notes and a new version to Things Cloud called Fractus that improves syncing across devices.
Markdown Formatting & Bullet Lists
Things now supports Markdown formatting in the notes, and ...
Stop Using Listboxes for Multiselecting Items What component would you use when users need to select multiple items in limited screen space? Many designers would choose listboxes, but this is a common mistake. Listboxes are terrible for making and viewing multiple selections. They also don’t conserve as much space as you’d think. The first issue is that the viewport of a […]
The post Stop Using Listboxes for Multiselecting Items first appeared on UX Movement.
Lucid Lets You Unlock the True Potential of Your Dreams The ability to conquer dreams is something that humans have been exploring throughout history. Dreams aren’t just an abstract series of thoughts, images and sensations that occur in a person’s mind while sleeping, they are also a portal to the subconscious. 
Larry Page invented Google thanks to a dream he had as a 22-year-old in which he somehow managed to download the entire Web and just keep the links. Page is one of the biggest advocates of lucid dreaming, a type of dream in which the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming. Page was once quoted saying “when a ...
De la décroissance pour nos logiciels ? Je vous partage une réflexion personnelle au sujet de la décroissance et des logiciels. J’attire dès le départ votre attention sur le fait que c’est une réflexion théorique, pas une explication de comment les logiciels sont codés, ça n’est pas dans mes compétences. Mais rêver, ça l’est, alors j’en profite 😉
Depuis que j’utilise des ordinateurs, j’ai constaté qu’en théorie et en pratique, la plupart des logiciels demandent des ordinateurs toujours plus puissants (en RAM, processeur, etc.). Les jeux vidéos, les navigateurs Internet, les utilitaires, les outils de traitement de texte, etc. la plupart des versions actuelle ne tournent plus ...
Être designer et prendre position : est-ce se fermer des portes ? Hier, j’ai reçu une question intéressante en message privé sur Twitter. Cette question reflète un sujet profond pour moi et je voulais vous témoigner de cela. Ce sujet c’est celui des conséquences de l’engagement en tant que designer. La question était en substance :
« Salut Geoffrey ! Je me demandais si tes prises de positions sur Jaffiche.fr ou tes projets personnels ne te portaient pas préjudice lors de contrat ou de recherche de boulot… Je me suis demandé cela parce que j’avais vu que tu postes parfois sur LinkedIn (qui est carrément turbo droite, à fond greenwaching, etc.) et ...
Hackstock_ épisode 14 : le bilan. Voilà presque 11 mois que nous n’avions pas enregistré, Jérémie & moi, un nouvel épisode de notre podcast Hacstock_ ! Voilà qui est fait ! Intitulé « Bilan », cet épisode reprend et questionne une année de décisions gouvernementales autoritaires et violentes au sujet de notre vie privée, physique et numérique (puisque les deux sont liés).
Bref, une sorte de bilan de deux citoyens passionnés et engagés.
Hackstock_ épisode 14
⤵️ Télécharger l’épisode en MP3
▶️ Écouter l’épisode sur Apple Podcasts
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Nous retrouver et écouter les précédents épisodes sur Hackstock.net
Satanisme et Éco-Responsabilité : la campagne de crowdfunding ! Loïc Sécheresse est un dessinateur hors-pair, drôle, engagé, talentueux, aux mille projets. Je l’ai découvert il y a des années avec son travail en 2014 sur Love & kick boxing, puis avec Ys et je l’ai enfin rencontré il y a quelques semaines lors d’une dédicace de La Guerre (qui est hyper prenant aussi!), une BD qu’il a créée avec Thomas Cadène.
Et finalement, en 2018 je diffusais des extraits de sa nouvelle BD sur satan et l’écologie… Un vaste sujet ! Et c’est pourquoi, aujourd’hui pour soutenir sa campagne de crowdfunding, j’ai interviewé Loïc afin que vous le découvriez, ...
Un générateur d’idées pour le #PassCulture Bon, ici, on n’est pas chez McFly et Carlito, mais on va quand même parler du Président de la République 😉 Il y a quelques jours, Emmanuel Macron annonçait le lancement du Pass Culture, un dispositif qui permet aux jeunes de 18 ans, d’avoir accès (via une application et ça n’est tellement startup nation…) à un bon d’achat de 300€ pour acheter de la culture : livres, films, documentaires, musique, expositions, etc.
Mais quoi acheter avec ces 300€ ?
Comme vous le savez, je suis un garçon très gentil mais un peu engagé. Ainsi, dimanche dernier, j’ai créé un site ...
Sleeve is a Gorgeous Now Playing Widget for your Desktop Sleeve is a beautifully crafted app for macOS that displays your currently playing track as a tiny widget on your Desktop. Made by Hector Simpson* and Alasdair Monk from Replay, it works with Apple Music or Spotify and comfortably lives on your desktop without getting in your way. We’ve only been playing around with it for a day, but can confidently say that Sleeve is the ultimate example of a really polished and delightful app.
Sleeve shows the album artwork, track name, artist name, and album name on the Desktop. It’s not an interactive widget, so you can’t control playback ...
Pixelmator Pro Goes on Sale @ 50% Off Pixelmator Pro Goes on Sale @ 50% Off
The Pixelmator Team has just announced that Pixelmator Pro, their incredible app for macOS, is going on sale for a while and will be available at a cool 50% Off discount.
Starting today, Pixelmator Pro is going on sale and is now available with a gigantic, no – gargantuan! – discount of 50%. Not only that, we’ve also got a second sneak peek for you at the upcoming Pixelmator Pro 2.1 update, showcasing the super fun new ML Crop feature.
In exchange for your hard-earned money, we promise you a powerful, beautiful, ...
Grab a FREE .design Domain to Showcase Your Designs Everyone is familiar with .com and .net, but did you know you get your own free .design domain?
As a designer, we think it’s pretty awesome that we can get a domain name that reflects what we do, .design.
And because it’s a fairly new domain, there are still plenty of short .design names available. So the good news is, you can shorten or improve your existing branding by switching to the .design domain.
ie. johnsmithdesign.com >> johnsmith.design
You can also get your own unique email address such as hola@yourname.design or you can even use it as a clever redirect ...
How to Download Twitter Videos on an iPhone or an iPad I consider Twitter as the place for very serious videos such as this one, which I often want to download and share with my friends on Instagram or Messenger. I’ve been looking for a quick and easy way to download Twitter videos on iOS and my search has finally come to an end, thanks once again to Siri Shortcuts. This shortcut, called DTwitter, is exactly what I need because it allows me to download videos off Twitter in an instant. The shortcut can also download gifs and photos, if that’s something you are looking to do.
How to Download Twitter ...
How to Create Long Screenshots on iPhone I was among the happiest people on Earth when Apple announced the ability to save full page screenshots with iOS 13. However, when I first used that feature, it was a bit disappointing. iOS 13’s long or Full-Page screenshot feature only works with Safari and even then, it’s a bit limited as it saves those pages as PDFs. This is not what I want from long screenshots. Like everyone else, I want to take scrolling screenshots of my iMessage and Facebook chats so that I can share or store them easily.
To take long screenshots on iOS, you could either ...

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