This Dieter Rams-inspired speaker lets you focus on the music and without any smartphone distractions! This Dieter Rams-Inspired Speaker Brings the Simplicity of the 1950s to Bluetooth
Music is sometimes the only company you need, whether you’re listening to your favorite artist with your ears perked up beside the speaker or letting jazz fill in the background while you work. With quarantine, however, it can sometimes feel difficult to just let listening to music be an activity in and of itself. The list of distractions and temptations is literally endless – the timeline never runs dry. Instagram’s feed is ever-changing and endlessly refreshable, as another text message rings and more unread emails pile up, and ...
This simple ergonomic tool makes it easier for left-handed people to write without any smudging Over 90% of the world is right-handed, and the way we write is strongly informed by that fact… but it makes it difficult for the people who use their left hand to write/draw with. The minute you write with your left hand, you risk smudging the text with your palm every single time. The FELEF caters to a relatively small group of people but solves a large problem for them.
Created as a simple extension of the pen’s cylindrical design, the Felef helps offset your writing instrument, maintaining a safe distance between your palm and your pen’s nib. By putting ...
This genius universal airtight lid fits on nearly every vessel you have! The SKUZEE is the perfect example of a “eureka moment” product. It’s a brilliant idea that’s never existed before, and now when I look at it, I can’t help but wonder why I (or anyone else) never thought of it before… and that’s always a good sign! The SKUZEE is a silicone lid that’s designed to fit on practically any bottle, carafe, jar, glass, mug, or container you own, turning regular vessels into airtight ones. Its unique construction allows it to snap onto a variety of neck-widths by flexing to fit around them, and a standard 28mm threading on the ...
VersiCube Is A CNC Machined Toy Design To Pique Your Curiosity Take one look at the VersiCube and a dozen questions start popping in your head:
“Is it a toy?”
“How does this work?”
“It this a miniature cheese grater?”
Truth is, not even the creators know the full extent of this little doodad’s capabilities. So what is it?
The Versicube was made with three goals in mind: to create something which inspires people to pick it up and play with it, to raise awareness for the new KAD Models and Prototypes shop in Vermont, and to help support the local skill trades though their relationship with the Vermont Technical College.
This Unique Device Uses Water Power to Charge Your Electronics Whenever you explore the great outdoors, chances are you want to disconnect from this highly connected, digital world. But sometimes, temptation kicks in and you just have to pull out your phone to see if the world hasn’t gone to hell since you last checked your Twitter feed,oh, 5-minutes ago.
Making sure your electronic devices are charged is a good thing, but ensuring they will stay forever charged, even while outdoors, is better.
Water-Powered Device Charger
The WaterLily was made especially for those who love the great outdoors but hate lugging various cables and bulky chargers. This portable turbine charges ...
Fuseproject’s newest air purifier design takes your furniture one step closer to being smart In the current pandemic, we are all compelled to be at home more than ever before. We consider indoors to be safer than the outdoors and tend to overlook the air quality we live, eat or sleep in. Poor air quality at home/workplace can have a negative effect on health leading to problems like asthma, allergies and sleep issues amid many other short and long-term health effects. Air purifiers have stepped in as alternatives to free the air of dust particles, pet dander, foul odor and more – making the air breathable and safe.
We have seen a fair share ...
These transparent wooden hanging tents are built using shipbuilding techniques! This will sound lame but the Hanging Shelter (Hængende Ly in Danish) is actually the literal meaning of hanging out – you see it? It is a lot more than hammock strung up on trees, in fact, it is a very unique accommodation that has been custom designed using traditional shipbuilding techniques.
The enclosed treehouse is nestled 2.5 meters above the ground that offers 360-degree views of the lush green Genner area in Denmark. The only way to get in and out of the Hanging Shelter is via a basic ladder. The structure is constructed with steam-bent oak which forms ...
Automotive Inspiration: Mercedes Benz VISION AVTR releases video + sketches showing the car in action! Mercedes Benz created an uproar with the launch of their Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR – inspired by the James Cameron blockbuster Avatar. And now, Mercedes is out to prove they mean business – that this is not just another concept car but the idea is envisioned and in motion. In the 13 minute video launched recently on the Mercedes YouTube channel, you can see the futuristic car perform the ‘crab walk’. Given the revolutionary nature of the design, our excitement is palpable, and to understand the design better, we gathered up some special behind-the-scenes footage – right from car sketches ...
The Hype of Home BASIC is hosting an online conversation to explore the rise of interior design during the COVID era.
BMW bike’s get a breath of fresh air with these tradition defying designs! Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or as we know it, BMW, was formed on Match 7th, 1916 and since then has been known for its penchant of creating the best designs while not being afraid of the consequences. For example, in 1937, the world record for the fastest motorcycle went to BMW. Even though that motorcycle is essentially a death trap as the bodywork covered the rider but it was aerodynamically slick and supercharged. In 1937, this thing was capable of 173.7mph. Impressed by the company’s culture and daredevil side, designers have touted BMW as one of their most loved brands ...
This minimal turntable gives retro lovers a chance to flaunt modern furniture! There is this thing about vinyl, only someone who owns a collection – big or small – would know. Yes, the glorious sound is one of them and you would agree to that, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. It is actually the overall experience with these fragile records that you just cannot have enough of.
If you know what we mean, you would be anything but lured by the fine lines and details of this luxurious gramophone. You’d be yearning for one to play your collection! Designed by Moiless, a studio that believes designing is like ...
This transparent pen design crystalizes tree branches to make empty pens memorable! When it comes to stationery, it often seems that demand overshadows artistry. Noisy, plastic pouches lined with ten or more plastic pens fill the bags of shoppers who just need something to write. That’s why Geonwoo Kim conceptualized the IceN pen. Specifically for pen-users who tend towards plastic, wasteful writing tools, the IceN reimagines an ecological alternative. Before putting pen to paper, Kim took and studied photographs of tree branches frozen over with ice in order to conceptualize the pen’s design authentically and to send home his dedication to conservation. In many ways, this pen represents a marriage between environmental ...
Citizen Chair by Konstantin Grcic for Vitra Designed by Konstantin Grcic for Vitra, Citizen is a product whose unconventional construction enables a surprising new way of sitting that is perfect for the new home office needs.
Ditch those cloth masks for this transparent N99 face mask with an AI-Powered Ventilation System I guess masks have been around long enough for someone to make them modular! Meet the BlueBreath, an advanced N99 mask with a unique ability to snap on modules on the front to change the way the mask looks and behaves… allowing it to serve multiple purposes.
The BlueBreath builds on two core ideas. A. Masks can be difficult to breathe through, and B. Masks can be a visual barrier at certain times. With these two directions in mind, the BlueBreath comes with two interchangeable modules that solve these problems. One module is its AI-powered ventilation system, which increases the ...
Liqui Group Designs Series of Vitrines for LA Design Festival 2020 Liqui Group, in collaboration with LA Design Festival, has created a series of colorful vitrines for this years feature installation 'Design for the Future' showcasing independent designers and brands.
Adobe Releases State of Creativity Research Findings Adobe has released research findings on the State of Creativity, illustrating the significant impact of the global pandemic and social unrest on the creative industry.
Vitra Summit Vitra has announced its first-ever 'Vitra Summit,' a digital event to address the evolving conception of space, design, and the workplace.
Coway Icon Air Purifier Wins 2020 IDEA Award Coway Icon Air Purifier, designed by fuseproject, has been announced as the Bronze winner in the Home category of the 2020 International Design Excellence Awards.
These Modular Shelves Are Made From Recycled Steel And Chopsticks It’s always nice when something you buy is well-designed, but it’s even better when they’re designed to reduce waste or reuse materials.
The SMĪLE modular shelves by ChopValue is the company’s latest of their homeware and decor designs, this time taking their signature style and material to the walls. Upon gathering used chopsticks from local partners, these pieces of wood are brought to local micro-factories where they are broken down and turned into the shelves you see before you.
When combined, the wooden panels of a single SMĪLE shelf set amount to roughly 4,276 chopsticks.
MBH Architects Modernizes Tourneau Retail Store in Naples, Florida MBH recently completed Tourneau's new brick and mortar store at Naples, Florida's Waterside Shops. The renovated 2,300-square-foot space features a lively and luxurious design scheme.
Be Original Americas Launches On-Demand Virtual Programming Be Original Americas has launched on-demand virtual programming from their 2020 fellowship. Available now to the public, viewers can watch 22 participating design companies covering the design process.
Friday Smackdown: The Lush Bean Onslaught The hoards assembled, shoveling trenches, raising lush bean trebuchets to pull attacks to the five walls. Only the titans lying in respite beneath the towers would be able to deter their onslaught but we would need to reach the lower portcullis first to trigger these links.
Oleksiy Rysyuk – Battle-worn ships and spacestation scenes, dark, dystopian with always a character bringing scale to the massive, beautiful scenes.
Black is a Color – New photography from Tim Tadder that goes further than the intention, imo, revealing that everyone has a unique color composition.
Chroma – An array of abstract colorful, 3D ...
Successfully Funding a Kickstarter a 2nd Time: Anthony Mattana and the Hooke Lav [Interview] Two years ago, we interviewed Anthony Mattana, founder of Hooke Audio, about his comically arduous hardware startup story. And today, he’s back.
His first product, the Hooke Verse, are wireless headphones that record in binaural 3d audio. More than just stereo sound, this tech gives listeners a literally jaw-dropping feeling of physically being where sounds were recorded.
The craziest thing about his last product is it wasn’t even new technology. Mattana was just bringing cool, existing capabilities to everyday consumers. Now, with the Hooke Lav: a tiny, lightweight, wireless Bluetooth microphone; he’s doing it again.
Clipping on the newest microphone ...
New Micro-Precision 3D Printer From BMF: microArch S240 BMF has released details about their new industrial-grade 3D printer targeting the micro parts market – the microArch S240.
Projection Micro-Stereolithography
The Boston-based company has been on our pages earlier this year when they revealed their technology. The resin-based 3D printing process they use is called “PμSL”, for “Projection Micro-Stereolithography”. PμSL is able to achieve an astonishing resolution of 2μ, or 0.002mm. This is accomplished due to some technological magic that allows them to project UV light in extreme resolution.
The microArch S240 3D printer in operation [Source: BMF]
Evidently they’ve created several different resins that can be used in ...
Make a Wooden Racing Sim Controller For Your Mobile Phone It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on BLACKHAND, who has since taken a break from his famous matchstick creations to focus on less flammable projects. His latest work isn’t as grand as the others but it’s definitely going to interest you if you enjoy playing racing games on your mobile phone.
Using pieces of wood, metal bearings, and some string, BLACKHAND creates a portable steering wheel controller which allows you to play your favorite car games without blocking the screen with your grubby fingers. Let’s break it down:
1. Make The Frame
To create the frame which holds ...
A Better Sock Design Cools Feet and Prevents the Stink Would you wear socks lined with silver? What if I told you they prevent your feet from smelling like they’ve been soaking in food scraps? I know; I didn’t believe it either. How could lining a piece of clothing with metal eliminate foot odor?
As it turns out, the Silver Ankle Socks is not the first piece of silver-lined apparel by BeClothed. These socks in particular are made with a mixed weave of pure antibacterial silver, cotton twill, and spandex to make a springy, breathable, and odor-absorbent sock base. We don’t look at clothing design too often but this intrigued ...
New goop Office by Rapt Studio Rapt Studio recently designed goop's new, light-filled headquarters in Santa Monica. The design focuses on embodying the brand through space, creating an environment to propel the company to its next phase, and cultivating a place that promotes expansive thinking and creative development.
“My Cell” Grown Not Built Footwear Concept Imagine being able to grow your own footwear. Yep, we are talking sprouting a pair of bio sneakers in a matter of hours! Footwear designer @23_heels over on Instagram has a concept that takes a page out of nature, specifically the rapid growth of mushroom mycelium. In like manner, the shoe aesthetic bears a striking resemblance to its source of inspiration. The 3D formal elements and application of texture, all mimic that of the mushroom. Check out the kicks!
The Grow Kit
His concept is basically a kit that contains a clamshell pre-form foot mold and combination inner last/packaging ...
Architizer Launches Inaugural A+Firm Awards Architizer has launched its 1st Annual A+Firm Awards, a new program created to spotlight the architects and collaborators behind the world's best architecture. Building on the success of its A+Awards program, which honors the year's best buildings and spaces, the A+Firm Awards is the only firm awards program explicitly designed to honor offices of all sizes, specializations, and geographies.
Dan’s 1st Law of Drawings An engineering drawing is a specialized type of communication tool. It’s also a contract.  This particular communication protocol is designed to be complete, closed, and one way. This means follow up questions should not be required for the recipient’s comprehension and contractual agreement. It’s like a message in a bottle. With this, I present to you Dan’s 1st Law of Drawings:
Dan’s 1st Law of Drawings
The drawing shall communicate all information needed for fabrication as intended.
What is a Drawing?
A drawing is a two-dimensional medium used to convey the shape of a three-dimensional object.  But where does the ...
IKEA + LEGO Bring You the BEST LEGO Storage Boxes There’s rarely worse pain in life than stepping on a stray LEGO block (and I speak from experience). First-world problems, right? Yet, it’s sad so many floors are littered with LEGOs. We could blame the kiddos, but… we buy the LEGOs, encourage their imagination and, dogonit, there’ll be time to have a clean house after they’re grown and out of it. What do we do in the meantime?
Well, The LEGO and Swedish house furnishing manufacturer IKEA teamed up to produce some pretty cool, officially licensed LEGO storage boxes.
BYGGLEK LEGO Storage Boxes
BYGGLEK is yet another hard-to-pronounce collection by ...
How to Turn a Rusty Sawblade Into a Throwable Batarang If you have your own workshop, have you ever wondered what you could do with used saw blades? Though dull and unusable as cutting implements, they certainly still have some life in them apart from living the rest of eternity in a recycling heap. Surely there must be something you can use these circular pieces of metal for. You know, besides hanging them on the wall. Hmmm.
In one of his older videos, YouTuber Grant Thompson (RIP The King of Random) cut apart one of his rusty old saw blades and turned it into not one, not two, but FIVE ...
Crowdfunding : SLEAN, le bon bureau pour télétravailler Véritable rampe de lancement, phase de crash test, confrontation client… Le Crowdfunding est un véritable catalyseur quand vous avez une belle idée, un concept dans l’air du temps qui pourra trouver rapidement son public.. Sans rentrer dans le détail des étapes de lancement d’un projet à succès notamment sur Kisskissbankbank, SLEAN coche toutes ces cases et augure à un véritable succès et lancement de marque Made in France.
Fruit d’une rencontre entre Martin Sauer et le duo de designers Nathanaël Désormeaux et Damien Carrette (retrouvez leurs projets présentés sur BED) le projet SLEAN arrive à point nommé en cette période et ...
Nouvelle collection George Sowden pour HAY On ne présente plus HAY,  célèbre marque danoise, mais connaissez-vous George Sowden ?
Designer anglais basé du côté de Milan, il collabore avec de nombreuses marques, il se distingue comme membre fondateur du Memphis Group.
« George Sowden studied architecture at Gloucestershire College of Art. In the 1970s, Sowden moved to Milan to work with names such as Ettore Sottsass and Olivetti, and in the 1980s he became one of the founders of the design collective, Memphis Group. »
Déja à l’honneur au catalogue Hay, il décline sa collection en imaginant un nouveau grille-pain et bouilloire reprenant lignes et couleurs de la ...
MESH l’organiseur béton par Shift Studio La belle découverte du jour, baptisée MESH, la rencontre entre l’architecture et l’univers du bureau !
Le studio Shift, entre Mexique et New-York présente son projet comme un système de rangements modulaires, pouvant s’adapter aux nouveaux besoins de nos intérieurs. Ils projettent leur création, pas uniquement dans le bureau..
Réalisé entièrement en béton, en collaboration Opticretos, Mesh se décompose en un plateau « cranté », pouvant accueillir à votre guise, gobelets bas et hauts ainsi que des modules plats.
Pour les fans, des choses bien rangées. Une chose à sa place et chaque chose à sa place.. Une idée, plutôt une obsession ...
INTERVIEW : Chris Baumann, le Design chez TADO Le design au coeur de nos quotidiens, partons aujourd’hui à la découverte de la marque TADO, spécialiste allemand de la technologie / domotique à destination de nos chauffages et climatisations.
Une réflexion au coeur de notre projet de rénovation de notre appartement, où comment rendre notre habitat plus intelligent ? plus en phase avec nos modes de vie ? et s’il est possible de moins consommer…
Facilité la maitrise de noter consommation d’énergie, pièce par pièce, mais également garder un oeil sur la qualité de l’air intérieur, idéal quand certaines personnes du foyer ont des allergies particulières ou en milieu ...
PIKS jeux de concentration par OPPI pour petits et grands Nous sommes toutes et tous de grands enfants, le jeu doit à mon sens garder une place dans nos vies, sous différentes formes.. Sport, collectifs, ludiques, de concentration, de plateaux, vidéo..
OPPI est une nouvelle marque française imaginée par deux frères du côté de Montpellier, Hansel et Bastien Schloupt avec la volonté d’imaginer un jeu : ludique, durable, responsable..
La collection PIKS représente facilement toutes ces caractéristiques, ses créateurs imaginent un jeu de construction en bois et silicone, tel un « outil thérapeutique favorisant la motricité fine et la concentration. »
« Nous avons réellement pensé nos jouets aussi divertissants qu’éducatifs afin de répondre avec des ...
Lampe à poser RECTO par Lee Yunjae Coup de coeur en ce début de semaine pour le jeune designer coréen Lee Yunjae fondateur de son studio Jaerryfolio.
Le Design n’ayant pas de frontières, j’aime à pouvoir me balader, voyager virtuellement à la découverte de nouveaux talents, des nouvelles idées.. Une veille au quotidien permettant d’alimenter le blog mais également l’ensemble de nos réseaux sociaux, comme Instagram ou plus largement Pinterest (bonne balade).
Voici donc RECTO, un projet de lampe à poser, lampe de bureau ou chevet aux lignes résolument industrielles. Sa forme minimaliste, s’intègrera parfaitement à un environnement de travail créatif. Sa structure de métal va permettre ...
Crowdfunding : le sac à dos augmenté par Fil&Fog Il y a de beaux lancements et il y a des « mise en orbite » !
Coup de projecteur sur le projet français baptisé Fil&Fog, lancement d’une nouvelle collection d’une nouvelle marque dédiée à la mobilité urbaine. Le premier volet de cette aventure se matérialise par une collection de « bagages complices de votre évasion »
Derrière ce projet, on retrouve le studio français Fritsch Durisotti remarqué pour sa participation à l’élaboration du fameux masque de snorkeling de chez Décathlon. Une volonté de prise de parole directe et d’un lancement complet de marque.
Un univers, un concept global visant à imaginer, proposer, démocratiser des solutions agiles ...
La Fabrique des Pieds, tout un art made in France ! Et si nous construisions nous même notre future table ?
Voici la proposition de la société basée dans le nord de la France, La Fabrique des Pieds, comme son nom l’indique elle se focalise uniquement sur le piètement de vos futurs meubles et tables.
Une porte, une planche, un plateau, béton, métal, bois… Les associations sont alors multiples.
« Quoi de plus simple que de dessiner, prototyper, façonner, souder, assembler, peindre et envoyer nos pieds depuis notre seul et unique atelier du nord de la France ? » Les mots de Florent, fondateur de la société…
A l’heure où la prise de conscience ...
Le Feuillet & Ictyos explorent l’avenir du luxe Deux jeunes maisons lyonnaises, Le Feuillet –maroquinier contemporain– et Ictyos –tanneur de cuirs marins-, se sont associées pour livrer leur interprétation du luxe de demain : ergonomique, éthique et résolument esthétique. Récit. 
Formafantasma l’avait initié dans ses recherches. Des recherches qui avaient menées le duo installé à Amsterdam à explorer les propriétés visuelles et tactiles de différents cuirs ; des peaux issues de l’industrie alimentaires aux vessies étudiées pour leurs capacités à contenir du liquide, la richesse des possibilités s’était vite rappelé au studio. Des concepts destinés à servir la recherche et le développement de nouvelles formes de cuir, et ...
Stokke Clikk la chaise haute par le studio Permafrost Coup de projecteur cette semaine sur le projet baptisé Stokke Clikk, la chaise haute évolutive imaginée par le studio norvégien Permafrost pour la marque Stokke.
L’univers de l’enfant, son confort, sa sécurité, son évolution reçoit toute l’attention des marques et designers. Ils tentent, d’innover en apporter des solutions plus fonctionnelles, plus responsables visant à répondre aux attentes des parents.
Stokke Clikk ne déroge pas à la règle, « clikk » pour la facilité de montage sans outils, plus rapide et sans risque de mauvais ajustements (voir la vidéo un peu plus bas). Réalisée en bois de hêtre européen et plastique, l’ensemble se ...

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