The best new logos of 2020 The hottest logos created so far this year, including some you might have missed.
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The best ultrawide monitor in 2020 These are the best widescreen monitors for creatives.
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Save £400 on this stunning gaming monitor in the Amazon Summer Sale Plus more great Amazon deals on ultra wide and curved gaming monitors.
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The 8 best external hard drives and SSDs for Mac and PC users in 2020 Find the best external hard drive or SSD for your Mac or PC.
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13 mighty Maya tutorials to try today Up your skills with these high-quality Maya tutorials.
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Huge Amazon sale slashes Lego sets by up to 30% Including magical Harry Potter Lego set deals.
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Start a career in architecture and interior design today Ashampoo® 3D CAD 7 brings you the tools you need.
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Mind-blowing patent shows the future of the MacBook 2 become 1 in Apple's iPhone/MacBook hybrid
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How to Send WhatsApp Messages to Anyone Without Saving Their Number on iPhone The world’s most popular messaging app needs no introduction, but it could definitely use a few basic features to minimise some of its pain points. I find it extremely irritating to save people’s phone numbers as contacts every time I have to send them a simple WhatsApp message. I buy stuff online all the time and it’s really frustrating to save contacts such as “Michael Craigslist iPhone Seller” or “John E. Bay iPadman”. Why do I have to save contacts to message people on WhatsApp? Are you too wondering how to send a WhatsApp messages without saving phone numbers?
Fortunately, ...
Inspirational student design: 10 top examples Top projects created by graphic design students.
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Google's AR dinosaurs are ridiculously cool Turn your home into Jurassic Park.
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Great 4th July sale 2020 still on! Amazing Independence Day deals while they last The epic 4th July sales on everything from laptops to mattresses are still on, while stocks last.
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Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 review Software is better than ever.
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Typologie, un nuancier typographique Pierre-Yann Lallaizon, mon ancien éditeur sur Hacker Citizen m’a contacté il y a plusieurs mois pour me parler d’un projet ambitieux : créer Typologie, un nuancier typographique ! Son idée ? Permettre de se faire une idée sur la forme d’une police d’écriture, de choisir une fonte avec un client via un outil papier élégant et pratique ou encore pouvoir réviser ses typos comme l’on révisait, jadis, sur les fiches des Incollables. Bref, vous savez à quel point j’accorde de l’importance aux choix typographiques, visuels, non pas uniquement parce qu’ils peuvent être beaux mais parce qu’ils sont porteur de sens, ...
Siri Shortcuts Explained: Automate (Almost) Everything on Your iPhone or iPad For an OS that was routinely criticised for not being very flexible, iOS sure has come a long way. iOS still is not as customisable as people would like it to be, but that might change with iOS 14. iOS has a feature called Siri Shortcuts that allows you to automate several tasks. Yes, that’s right. iOS automation is a thing and a growing community of enthusiasts has been adding some essential features to both iOS and third-party apps using Siri Shortcuts.
If you’ve been a fan of apps such as Tasker on Android, Siri Shortcuts is an officially supported ...
Kreat : 3 podcasts aux côtés de Jean-Louis Fréchin Mon ami et camarade de voyage autour du design, Olivier Saint-Léger, a réalisé ces derniers mois, trois entretiens aux côtés de Jean-Louis Fréchin, fondateur et designer de l’agence nodesign. L’idée de ces entretiens est née de la lecture du dernier livre de Jean-Louis « Le design des choses », un ouvrage que j’ai dans ma bibliothèque et que je vous invite vivement à lire tant il y a peu de littérature contemporaine et pertinente sur le design et sa réflexion, en français.
Bref, Olivier Saint-Léger a donc réalisé avec le soutien et la confiance sans faille de Adobe, une série ...
Écoutez Hackstock : épisode spécial manifestations & vie privée ! Comme *presque* chaque mois, avec mon acolyte & camarade Jérémie, on vous enregistre un nouvel épisode de Hackstock, podcast sur la vie privée, la surveillance et les libertés citoyennes.
Cette semaine, on vous a concocté un épisode spécial manifestations où l’on vous présente les réflexes et outils à avoir et à penser pour l’avant / pendant / après manifestation.
Parce que manifester (s’exprimer ensemble, d’une même voix) est un droit, parce que les gouvernements cherchent souvent à museler, amoindrir, maîtriser, écouter, corrompre ces manifestations… On a estimé nécessaire d’enregistrer cet épisode.
Dans cet épisode on vous parle également de « Toxoplasma » ...
Comment j’ai sauvegardé «mon Web» sur un disque dur. Au mois de novembre dernier, j’ai entrepris de me créer une sauvegarde de « mon Web » en local, offline, sur un disque dur. Quand je dis mon web, ce sont les médias, outils, savoirs, vidéos, documents, etc. qui comptent pour moi et que j’utilise régulièrement.
Dans cet article, je vais vous expliquer :
pourquoi j’ai eu cette drôle d’idéece que j’ai mis dans cette sauvegardecomment j’ai fait pour récupérer tout un tas de contenu en lignece qu’il me reste à faire
J’ai appelé ça « BCKUP » pour Backup (sauvegarde), j’ai dessiné un logo en ASCII et j’ai réalisé ...
Coronavirus et déconfinement : vers un design de l’autorité ? La journaliste de France info, Élise Lambert a publié ce matin quelques visuels issus des transports en commun parisien et tout y est pour essayer de faire respecter les fameux « gestes barrières » : autocollants, lignes au sol, signalétique, affiches, etc. Depuis plusieurs semaines, notre langage visuel quotidien s’est vu être enrichi sur de nombreux types de supports dans les transports et ailleurs avec plusieurs centaines de symboles, éléments graphiques et autres systèmes basés sur le design pour promouvoir les messages gouvernementaux.
Ainsi, je voulais vous partager une revue de ces différents éléments de design qui sont là pour ...
This Concept Design of a ‘BRAUN Audio 07’ Radio Hardware is Absolutely Stunning BRAUN Audio 07 Concept
Cairo based product designer Abdelrahman Shaapan has created this concept design of Spotify radio hardware and it is one of the slickest concepts we’ve seen.
BRAUN Audio 7 is Classic speaker design inspired by old BRAUN products contains a futuristic look, you have integrated a touch screen. This device contains a built-in Spotify application for use without the need for another device to run.
It kinda reminds me of Saregama’s Carvaan sitting on my shelf here and I really hope Spotify builds something like this.
Also see his other concepts → Magic Trackpad 3 and Sony ...
GitHub Announces Codespaces — A New Instant Dev Environment Within GitHub GitHub Codespaces
GitHub has just announced a massive new feature during the GitHub Satellite that is sure to catch the attention of all kinds of developers around the world. The company has announced the availability of GitHub Codespaces in public beta, a complete dev environment that works entirely on the website. Developers can instantly get the full Visual Studio Code experience right in their browsers, launched from any repository they want to work on. Devs can code, build, test, debug, and event deploy using GitHub Codespaces. It’ll be free during beta, and pricing will be announced at a later ...
Abyss is a Neat Little “Read Later” App for iPhone, iPad and Mac Have you ever come across a link while scrubbing through you Twitter or Facebook feeds on your iPhone that you prefer viewing on your Mac instead? Similarly, you know those times when you’re sitting near your Mac and want to read some article on your iPhone or iPad that’s placed next to you, but you’d rather read it later? Typically, you’d bookmark the URLs for viewing later. Some might save the URL in the browser to sync across devices, some might use a “Read Later” service like Pocket or Instapaper and some users might even choose to add the URLs ...
Alto’s Adventure & Alto’s Odyssey Go Free for Week As the world battles the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of people are understandably choosing to stay at home to practice social distancing and try to keep the virus away. With a lot of spare time on their hands, many people are exploring the App Store and Google Play for fun games that they can play and pass their time.
Snowman, the people behind the incredible game titles such as Where Cards Fall, Skate City, Alto’s Odyssey, Alto’s Adventure, etc. have just announced that they’re making the games Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey free for a week.
We’ve decided to make ...
Why Radio Buttons and Checkboxes Can’t Co-Exist Radio buttons and checkboxes have long been components that cause users confusion. These components are often used in the same context, but look completely different. Designers and developers know the difference, but that’s because they learned it through their work. What about users who were never taught the difference?
The fact that users need to be taught the difference shows that these two components are not intuitive. Their appearance alone does not convey their slight differences in functionality. The visual cues themselves—a dot and checkmark—carry no specific meaning to users other than an option selection. Therefore, the existence of both ...
When to Use a Floating Call-to-Action Button Flick, flick, flick, flick! That’s the sound of the user’s finger scrolling through your long mobile landing page. Eventually, they’ll get flick fatigue and abandon your page if they don’t see the call-to-action button.
The user’s attention and energy are finite resources. Once it exceeds a certain point, they’ll call it quits and move on. If they can’t tap your call-to-action button when they’re ready, you could lose them as potential customers.
There’s nothing wrong with a long mobile landing page. It’s what naturally happens when you condense content to fit the width of a mobile viewport. The problem is ...
Why Infield Top-Aligned Labels Beat Floating Labels Form field label alignment has evolved over time. It’s been five years since I first introduced infield top-aligned labels. Due to its advantages over both top-aligned and infield labels, many have adopted them. However, it seems many have also adopted its counterpart, floating labels.
This is unfortunate for users because infield top-aligned labels have far better usability and accessibility than floating labels. The standard for label alignment should have a high level of usability and accessibility, or it’s not the best practice everyone should follow.
In this article, I’ll break down why and how infield top-aligned labels are more usable ...
Improve Your Sign-Up Form with Off-White Text Fields When designing an app, most designers put all their effort into the content pages but overlook the sign-up form. What users end up getting is a form that’s visually unappealing, stale, and clinical. A white background, plain text fields, cluttered text, and harsh black outlines everywhere doesn’t motivate users to sign up. If your form looks like this, there’s room for improvement.
Some users who want to use your app are likely to sign up regardless of how your form looks. However, others who are undecided are likely to pass once they see your clinical sign-up form. You could be ...
Forget Moo & Vistaprint! Make Refreshingly Unique Business Cards with Print Peppermint Whether you’re a freelance graphic designer, photographer, or real estate agent – Print Peppermint is certain we’ve got something for you in our bottomless bag of business card ideas.
Please Note: We do not print free or cheap craptastic business cards on flimsy paper using a digital press – that’s somebody else, we won’t say who but it rhymes with “Mister Mint”.
Another Note: We do not bait people in with ubersexy graphics, slick business card templates, and enticing low-qty prices, only to unreasonably jack up the costs at higher volumes – that’s somebody else, their name rhymes with ...
Why You Shouldn’t Use Solid or Underlined Text Fields Text fields have evolved stylistically over the years. Designers are getting more creative with them, but sometimes a little too creative. One particular style that’s caught the eye of many is the underlined text field. Its novel and minimalist appearance may attract you in using it, but when you understand how it affects user behavior, you’ll think again.
Underlined text fields are hard for users to recognize and tap. If they have trouble recognizing and tapping your fields, they won’t be able to start your form nor finish it. These issues lead to user frustration, form abandonment, and lower conversion ...
Work Smarter and Accomplish More by Managing Work with Pagico 9 Things that always stress me out: task list getting too long, or multiple projects going at the same time. But the new Pagico 9 works like an external memory that lets me offload my brain, think more clearly and get more done.
Keeping Everything Together
We all have many areas of responsibilities: projects at work, family errands, or that wonderful vacation you’re planning. When multiple tracks of things move concurrently, we may overlook details or even miss deadlines. With Pagico, you can keep all these tracks neatly in check by centralizing notes, tasks, checklists, emails and files by projects and ...
Flighty is the Best Live Flight Tracking App for iPhone and iPad If you’re looking for the best live flight tracking app for iPhone and iPad, look no further than Flighty.
Who knew flight tracking apps could be so delightfully good?
When you’re set to travel by air, tracking your flight status is something you must do all the time. Without knowing the up-to-date status of your flight, you could be faced with unexpected delays, rescheduling, gate changes, all of which lead to high levels of frustration, stress and you may even have to go through the efforts of walking from one gate to another at the last minute, at times even ...
Stunning Wallpapers for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone X Just like last year, Apple has released three new iPhones in September this year — the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. All three phones feature the same screen resolution as the three phones released last year. Download this stunning collection of iPhone wallpapers available below and deck up your device with these cool new iPhone wallpapers for free.
Every few years, Apple increases the screen size and resolution for the new iPhones and new phone owners often struggle to find wallpapers that work well with the new unfamiliar resolutions. This year, Apple has introduced 3 ...
Dark Mode for Slack’s Desktop Apps is Here Slack has just released an update to its desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux that introduces a new Dark Mode or Dark Theme to the app. Users have long been asking the company to release a dark theme for Mac, especially considering that Slack for iOS was updated with a Dark Mode earlier this year.
To enable the Dark Mode in Slack for Mac, go to the app’s Preferences > Themes and enable the Dark theme for Slack as shown above. Slack has also added some new themes specifically for dark mode, which you will find on the same ...
Mozilla Announces Firefox Private Network (Beta) — A Desktop Extension to Secure & Protect Your Browsing Mozilla has today announced Firefox Private Network, a desktop browser extension for the Firefox browser that automatically secures & encrypts all your data while browsing. Firefox Private Network is being made available in beta through Mozilla’s Test Pilot Program and is open to anyone in the US who has a Firefox account.
Announcing the product, Marissa Wood writes:
There are many ways that your personal information and data are exposed: online threats are everywhere, whether it’s through phishing emails or data breaches. You may often find yourself taking advantage of the free WiFi at the doctor’s office, airport or a ...

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